Monday, February 8, 2016

A place to begin

I get a bit nervous about blogging. So, little by little is where I will start. 

We have been pretty busy doing our schooling, keeping the house, taking care of the pets, and crafting away. Buggie has taken up crocheting with me. It's been quite fun having a crafting buddy. Bear tried it and decided he was not quite ready. So, my darling girl and I get to spend time together. We have also taken up knitting, or attempted to take it up. 


I have managed to knit four simple scarves for my darling family. There is something so wonderful in wrapping your loved ones up in handmade things. I just need to learn to purl and then read a pattern! 

In other news, I finally sat down to learn to read a crochet pattern. It is amazing! I feel like I can do most anything now! I do think it helps that the pattern is amazing! It's on Ravelry, called the Goldberry Shawl. My husband gifted me the pattern and yarn for my birthday. I had put them on my wish list because one of my goals this year is to read a crochet pattern. I chose a Madeline Tosh yarn named Shire which is absolutely perfect for the shawl. It is all Tolkien inspired and so wonderful.  I finished up row five last night. Isn't this pattern stunning? 


That is all for now. Thank you for stopping by. xx

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Starting Somewhere

I hesitate to start a blog or in my case actually post to a blog I started years ago.  The sitting down to write is not the hard part, it is the deciding what to share because there are so many extraordinary people already sharing their stories.  I am not extraordinary.  I am not quite normal.  I am a whole lot of quirky.  I do not really consider this my story but more of a place to share what I know, what I learn, what I love, and hopefully quite a bit of happy.  

I am a stay at home homeschooling momma to two littles and married to my favorite person ever.  We have a dog and a cat and a house.  Our little ones are not quite so little anymore.  Bug is our daughter and the oldest.  Bear is our son and the youngest (by only 15 months).  Husband and I have been together for almost eleven years and were married six weeks after our first date.  

What other relevant information is there to share?  We like to travel, although that is only something recently we have been able to do.  We love to be home, not quite the most overly social bunch.  We are big readers and good food makers.  We are quite fond of technology and the outdoors (maybe not always at the same time).  We love music and napping.  Three of us have Aspergers and one of us calls himself a low functioning neurotypical.  

As the writer of this blog, a bit about me. I love to research.  I do not like unanswered questions. I believe there is a solution for most problems if you only take the time to figure it out (and maybe research for a few hours). I started sewing again because my little ones have sensory issues with clothing. I started baking because we realized that a lot of processed foods upsets tummies and there is not much that taste better than homemade bread. I know a lot about nutrition, Aspergers, food, zero waste, minimalism, beekeeping, and a myriad of other topics but I am in no way an expert. I am just an expert on my little family.  I am rubbish at gardening even though it is something I desperately want to be good at. I have been known to get overwhelmed in a store and leave my shopping cart (not my greatest move). I always carry a "emergency kit" in my bag for our sort of emergencies. I was not diagnosed with Aspergers until I was almost 30. So, now I a know a lot about females with Aspergers. 

 Husband and I spend our days helping our two littles ones navigate this crazy world in which we live and try to prepare them to leave it better than they found it.  We are trying to make a difference in our tiny bit of the world. This place is where I want to share that with you and hopefully learn from all of you.